Medelli A 300 Keyboard

299.00 inc. VAT.

  • 61 Touch Response Keys, 64 Polyphony, 618 Voices, 200 Preset Styles (10 users).
  • Backlit LCD Display, Split Keyboard, PC Style Creator Software
  • 150 Preset Songs, Intelligent Learning System, 310 Albums
  • PRODUCT – A300 Home > Product > Keyboards > A300 A300 A300 introduces a brand new Intelligent Learning System to guide your practice. A grading system is utilized to keep track of your learning progress. Ready to play “unplug”? A300’s Performance Assistant provides a beautiful guitar and piano accompaniment that allows you to have a sense of playing unplug without being unplugged. A300 helps you to perform and share the joy of playing in the most intuitive way.
  • 310 popular songs with preset parameter, including style, type, tempo, and voice are right at your finger tips. You can play anything from Fly me to the moon to Chopin’s Etude with authentic sound and full accompaniment.

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