Rochelle 2

699.00 inc. VAT.

The Rochelle-2 measures 6 1/2″ across the flats, and 5″ wide. It weighs 2.4 lbs. The reeds are mounted on a flat reed pan, which is common on more expensive hybrid concertinas. The airflow in the R-2 is calibrated because of the amplifonic reed position. The Rochelle-2 is based on our popular hybrid models (Minstrel and Clover).  

This model features a low flex, riveted rod action, and all wooden construction.

The Rochelle-2 has been developed to offer a standard size student model anglo, with many of the technical features found in more expensive hybrid anglos.

Standard Rochelle vs Rochelle-2

This Rochelle model is standard C/G anglo concertinas with Wheatstone/ Lachenal layout.  Keyboard position, rake (angle of the rows), and button size are standard. They are both hybrid concertinas, which means that the sound is produced by accordion type reeds.


 Rochelle-2® anglo concertina

                       Price includes:
– Anglo concertina: 30 keys, C/G Wheatstone layout
– Tutor, especially written for this instrument
– Gig bag
– 5 year warranty