Barnes & Mullins Empress tenor banjo

649.00 inc. VAT.

The Barnes and Mullins Irish/Gaelic Tenor Empress 4-String Banjo is a stunning and traditional tenor banjo that was named Empress to commemorate the Empress of Ireland steam ship that sank in 1914. Featuring a range of high quality components such as a sleek and tuneful walnut neck and burl walnut resonator, the Empress Banjo combines a bold tone with top notch playability.

With a smooth 17 fret rosewood fretboard, rolled brass tone ring, 24 tuning brackets and a Remo Renaissance head the Barnes & Mullins BJ504BWGT 4-String Banjo’s fantastic tone and beautiful aesthetics truly earn the name of Empress.


  • Professional, traditional, 4-string banjo with walnut resonator
  • Fine-tune your tone with 24 high quality tuning brackets
  • Warm overtones, courtesy of sleek rosewood fingerboard
  • Professional look with dazzling chrome hardware